Handmade Yogini Figurine - Silver & Bordeaux

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Handmade Yogini Figurine - Silver & Bordeaux

Handcrafted from Resin in Indonesia, these Yogini figurines would make a lovely gift for any occasion or make a welcome addition to any home, work place, meditation space, or yoga studio.

The Yogini is a manifestation of the Goddess Herself as well as a practitioner, devotee and attendant of the Goddess. As we see from varied listings in Tantric and Puranic texts as well as the multi-fold depictions of them in the temple iconography, Yoginis cannot be pinned to one particular quality, rather, their natures are fluid. They express the full-embodied expression of human experience. Yoginis are wrathful and sensual, ferocious and seductive, furious and graceful. They hold all sorts of tools and weapons, symbolic of what the initiated practitioner needs on their path—a knife to sever attachments, a goad to nudge us along when we are stuck, a bell to clear negativity, a spear for penetrating insight, a bow and arrow for focus, etc. Their mounts are animals, vegetation, and different potent symbols such as a pot, flames, corpse, or drum that lend their powers and mythological significance to the Yoginis.

It is said there eight Yoginis of astrology: Mangala, Pingala, Dhanya, Brahmari, Bhadrika, Ulaka, Siddhida, and Sankata. Each is associated with one of the nine grahas, or planets. At a human’s birth, the stellar positions of these Yogini-governed planets give specific details about the fate of the individual. Consulting the position of these stellar Yoginis before a pilgrimage or any serious undertaking was common practice in days gone by and texts outline prayers, rituals and ways to appease and invoke the protection of these esoteric Yoginis.

It is also said that another grouping of Yoginis resides in our chakras. Their names are: Dakini, Rakini, Lakini, Kakini, Sakini, Hakini, and Yakini. Each of the seven chakras is presided over by one of these Yoginis. They work with the subtle energies that travel through the ida, pingala, and ṣushumna channels. They are involved in an energetic process of awakening kundalini (the creative and sexual Goddess energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine) and inviting this energy to travel up our spines to the crown of our heads, where She unites with the Divine energy that is described as Shiva in many of the Tantric texts.

Dimensions Of Figurine - Length - 16cm, Width -13cm, Height - 24cm

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