Thai Fisherman Pants - 100% Cotton - Pink

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Thai Fisherman Pants - 100% Cotton - Pink

Our range of Thai fisherman pants have been ethically sourced & traded from a small family run business from Chang Mai in the north of Thailand.

They are 100% cotton, are of the finest quality, have been really well made & come with a side pocket.

They are available in 13 different colours all of which come with a colourful patterned design along the top. (Apart from white)

They are freesize, unisex, and extremely comfortable to wear. 

Thai fisherman pants were adapted from sarongs and were worn by Thai fishermen and farmers. This style of pants suits the tropical climate of Thailand well as they are light and airy.  They soon became a must have fashion accessory for western travellers and can be worn for martial arts, yoga, massage, sports, relaxation, mediation, dance, & contact
improvisation or just to relax in at home or at the beach.

They can also be worn by pregnant women along every stage of pregnancy as they are free size.