T-Shirt - Shiva/Parvati

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T-Shirt - Shiva/Parvati

Our t-shirts are sourced from a small family run business from Pushkar in India, they are 80% cotton & 20% polyester.  At the moment they are only available in Medium size, we are hoping to stock more sizes in the near future.  Our t-shirts are unisex. The back of the t-shirt is exactly the same as the front.

This one has an image of the Indian God Shiva & the Goddess Parvati printed on the front & back. 

Shiva (Sanskrit: Auspicious One) is one of the main deities of Hinduism that is worshipped as the paramount lord by the Shaivite sects of India.

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is regarded as the representation of the Supreme Being. He is known as the third element in the Hindu Trinity (Trimurti), the other two members being Lord Brahma - the creator and Lord Vishnu - the protector. Shiva is the destructive form of the Almighty. As the cycle of destruction and recreation is always in a circle, Shiva’s primary responsibility is maintaining the life cycle. Scholars say, as the Mahakaal, Shiva destroys and dissolves everything into nothingness but as Shankara, he also reproduces that which has been destroyed and dissolved. His symbol of Lingam or the phallus represents this reproductive power

The goddess Parvati is the 'lover of life' who brings her power and prowess into the world as she infuses it with her magic.

Even as a young girl, Parvati was in love with Shiva. But Shiva, the god of War, was grieving the death of the woman he loved and had turned his back on the world and all its pleasures. He now lived in a dark cave and spent his days in meditation.

Determined to win his affection, Parvati would visit his cave each day to bring him fruit and to sweep the floor of the cave and decorate it with flowers. But Shiva spurned her efforts.

Parvati remained determined. She decided to go into the mountains and become an ascetic herself, thinking perhaps this would win his love.

Living in the forest with nothing to eat and with no clothes to protect her tender body from the fierce weather, Parvati completely mastered her physical needs. Soon she was able to match Shiva’s awesome powers by creating incredible energy in her yoga meditations—enough energy to attract the attention of Brahma, the supreme deity of the Hindu pantheon.

​Brahma took pity on Parvati and asked what she wanted. Ashamed of her dark skin, she told him she wanted golden skin and he granted her wish. When Shiva saw her and realized how beautiful and powerful she had become, he was unable to resist her. The two were soon married in a sacred ritual performed by the gods.

Parvati wanted a child. But Shiva didn't want to be bothered with offspring so he spitefully gave her a scrap of cloth and told her to make a doll and cuddle it instead.

Hurt by his remark she withdrew to a cave to meditate and get control of her emotions. Grasping the cloth to her breast, Parvati’s tears dropped on it and the cloth grew into the form of Ganesha, her son. She assigned her newly created son to guard over her cave and to keep out all strangers.

In the meantime Shiva began to regret his impulsive act and came to find Parvati and apologize. Ganesha didn’t recognize him and blocked his way. Shiva flew into a rage and beheaded Ganesha.

Parvati’s grief was so intense that Shiva promised to find Ganesha another head. Shiva could only find an elephant's head, which probably seemed a bit suspicious to Parvati, but there was nothing she could do.

Thus Ganesha was reborn as half human, half elephant. He became the Keeper of the Threshold and the God of Good Fortune, an obstacle to all that is undesirable.

The union with Parvati inspired Shiva to once again become concerned for the world. The learning that he had gathered in his meditations ensured that his spiritual energy was channeled for the good of all mankind.

The goddess Parvati represents the part of ourselves that creatively brings forth nourishment even in the midst of what seems to be rejection and disapproval. She is a wonderful affirmation that there are no limits to what a woman can do when she uses her spiritual energy in the pursuit of any goal she chooses.

When we embrace love, the goddess Parvati is there to bless us.

Dimensions - Length - 70cm - Width - 53cm