Smudge Stick - Dragons Blood & White Sage - 10cm

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Smudge Stick - Dragons Blood & White Sage - 10cm

Mountain Sage infused with Dragon's Blood resin. Two very powerful spiritual cleansing and protection tools in one smudge stick.

Mountain Sage is known to clear and transmute negative and unwanted energies and when Dragon's Blood is added to the mix it enhances its metaphysical power and gives you an extra boost of protection.

Mountain Sage, also called Sacred Sage or Bee Sage, is a desert shrub native to the American Southwest and Mexico. The dried leaves have a sweet, slightly astringent aroma. 

Sage is traditionally used in Native American medicine and shamanic practice.  Sage is renowned for its healing, benevolent energy.  The scent calms the mind and purifies the body. Sage smoke is believed to have the power carry prayers to the heavens, to remove negative entities, and cleanse & purify ritual space.  

Dragon's blood is a natural plant resin that originates from the sap of a family of tropical trees known as 'Dragon Trees'. Its name stems from it's rich and dark red colour. Dracaena draco, dracaena cinnabari and dracaena cochinchinensis are just a few of the "dragon trees" that can be sources of dragon's blood extract.

Evidence of its use has been found in the Middle East, China, India, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, dating back for thousands of years. It was thought by these different people's to have a range of medicinal effects, but the benefits of the plant are only really beginning to be understood on a scientific level in recent years. Outside of health and skincare benefits, it has a variety of spiritual and 'magical' applications and can also be used as dye or colouring due to its strong crimson colour.
The resin continues to be considered important for spiritual uses to this day and has applications in shamanism, Wicca, and other spiritual or ritualistic practices.

Instructions for use:

Holding the smudge stick by the “handle” end, use a match or lighter to ignite the tip.  Blow out any open flames so that the leaves slowly smoulder.  Next, wave the smudging stick, (or use a feather to fan the sage stick which is the traditional way), around a room, person, or objects to direct the fragrant, cleansing smoke.  Catch the ashes in a heat-resistant dish.  (An abalone shell is traditional, but you can use a smudge pot, incense burner, or even a regular plate, as long as you put something under it.) Please watch out for falling embers. Smudge sticks can be extinguished in a dish of sand or with water if needs be and can be re-used many times. 

Never leave burning smudge sticks unattended.

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