Selenite Bowls - Eye - 15cm

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Selenite Bowls - Hexagon - 15cm

Our Selenite bowls come from the mountains of Morocco. The crystal received its name from the Greek goddess of the moon: Selene - and you can see why. The way the milky crystals refract light is totally lunar.

A stone for clarity and guidance, selenite provides support to ‘clear your mind’, sharpen your awareness and allow you to see the truth by connecting you to a higher consciousness.

The gentle healing qualities of selenite can be used to provide protection from negative energy to create a safe and quiet space with a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite cleanses crystals renewing their energy. Selenite also has calming properties which makes it ideal for meditation or spiritual work. 

Selenite is considered a stone that allows you to enter the dreamland and read your future. It can awaken our spiritual intuition and activate what can be called ‘spiritual sensitivity’. 

Dimensions - Length - 15cm - Width - 10cm - Height - 3.5cm

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