Mystic Soul Incense - Night Queen - 50g

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Mystic Soul Incense - Night Queen - 50g

Ingredients - Ratrani (Night Queen) flower, sandalwood, honey, ayurvedic mixed herbs.

Aroma - Mystic Soul Night Queen incense has a beautifully fragrant, floral, soothing, ethereal, enigmatic, & stimulating fragrance.

The Night Queen flower is one of the most unique and mystical flowers that this earth has to offer. What makes it so special is that it only blooms once a year, at night, and then spends the entire remainder of the year in quiet, enclosed bliss. These wonderfully fragrant Night Queen incense sticks incorporate notes of this flower along with hints of sandalwood, to create a delicate, aromatic blend that captures the Night Queen’s rare and mysterious beauty.

Sultry, voluptuous, and blooming, Mystic Soul Night Queen incense induces calmness and confident passion. A sweetly intoxicating and exotic scent that alleviates anxiety, restlessness, depression and enlivens a tired mind. Simply heavenly.

The Night Queen is a powerful symbol of the moon and the mysteries of the night. These incense sticks will draw the healing energies of the moon straight toward you, heightening your imagination and intuition to unearthly levels. Light one of these to fill your space with this beautifully fragrant, soothing scent, and you will find yourself falling into a deep, enchanting sleep brimming with prophetic dreams.

Mystic Soul incense is made by hand in a traditional/authentic way.  The ingredients are first boiled to make a paste, then hand rolled onto bamboo sticks, once dried they are sprayed with essential oil before finally being covered in wooden fragrance powder. We only use the highest quality materials including resins, essential oils, honey, woods, & herbs. Each flavour is unique, and contains the mystical, natural aromas of India. 

Our incense packs weigh 50 grams and contain between 30-45 incense sticks.  Each incense stick burns for around 40-60 minutes.