Mystic Soul Incense - Lotus - 50g

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Mystic Soul Incense - Lotus - 50g

Ingredients - Lotus flower, Sandalwood, ayurvedic mixed herbs.

Aroma - Our divine lotus flower incense produces a sweet and sensual scent. It’s strong feminine essence is a gentle explosion of fragrance. It will fill your room with the richness of the lotus flower scent, and create a romantic and ethereal atmosphere.

Mystic Soul lotus flower incense has a light, delectable and sweet fragrance, it assists in heightening intuition, stilling the mind, elevating mood, protects from negativity, spirituality awakening, assists in the healing of mind, body, & spirit, induces inner peace & tranquillity, and aids in meditation, aligning the chakras and opening the third eye.

The lotus flower is an old and significant symbol in many religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism. While there are slight variations to the lotus flower meaning in the different faiths, the general concept is the same. The meaning of the lotus flower comes from the way the flower grows in nature. It starts off as a bud underwater, often in murky ponds, and grows until it emerges from the muddy waters in a beautiful blooming flower.

The Lotus flower is regarded as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. The meaning of the lotus flower symbol comes from an analogy derived from the flower's life cycle, where all humans are born into a world of suffering where they must learn to overcome difficulties, transcend the ego, and blossom into their true selves and at a point reaching enlightenment. The muddy waters represent the struggles of life, the bud of the flower represents a person that has not yet reached their full potential, and the blossoming lotus flower above the water represents someone who has achieved nirvana and let go of worldly suffering.

Mystic Soul incense is made by hand in a traditional/authentic way.  The ingredients are first boiled to make a paste, then hand rolled onto bamboo sticks, once dried they are sprayed with essential oil before finally being covered in wooden fragrance powder. We only use the highest quality materials including resins, essential oils, honey, woods, & herbs. Each flavour is unique, and contains the mystical, natural aromas of India. 

Our incense packs weigh 50 grams and contain between 30-45 incense sticks.  Each incense stick burns for around 30-45 minutes.