Handmade Coconut Leaf Fruit Bowl Sets - Chocolate

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Handmade Coconut Leaf Fruit Bowl Sets - Chocolate

Ethically sourced from a small family business in Bali these coconut leaf fruit bowl sets are as natural as can be.

Coconut leaf fruit bowls come in a set of three, made from an actual coconut leaf, a special type that can be reformed and bent into shapes when heated. Each leaf is a unique natural product and each has a slightly different size and shape.

All sets are thoughtful, eco-friendly gifts, individually wrapped in artisanal paper to protect them during transit & packaged in a box made from recycled cardboard. You can create an exotic table decoration with these coconut leaf fruit bowl sets, they are easy to clean, just use a damp sponge or cloth.

Please note: These products are made from natural materials so the exact colour and finish will vary.

Sizes: Large 40x20cm, Medium 30x15cm and Small 25x11cm. 

Please Note:  If you order this product in combination with any other products from our store, this item will arrive separately within 6-7 working days.