Handcrafted Brass Laughing Buddha's - Set Of 3

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Hand Crafted Brass Laughing Buddha's - Set Of 3

These handcrafted brass laughing buddha's have been sourced from a small artisanal family business from a small village in Bali.

The image of the Laughing Buddha is based on a wandering Chinese monk, Budai (Hotei, in Japanese) who lived centuries ago and is believed to be Maitreya, or the Buddha to come. The statue’s plump figure and benign countenance suggest contentment, magnanimity, and plenitude. Often called Laughing Buddha, his signature smile is symbolic of pure contentment and joy. Happy Buddha is considered a symbol of good luck, and it is thought that rubbing his big head or belly brings fortune and wealth.

But he’s more than just a good luck charm. Happy Buddha also represents enlightened awareness- his cloak, walking stick and traveling bag are reminders to pay attention to the journey before us, instead of only focusing on the destination. The Laughing Buddha’s big belly is a symbol of tolerance; also, that prosperity and wealth can go hand-in-hand with enlightened awareness.

Large Happy Buddha - Height - 7cm, Length - 6.5cm - Width - 7cm

Medium Happy Buddha - Height - 4cm, Length - 5cm - Width - 2cm

Small Happy Buddha - Height - 4.5cm, Length - 4.5cm - Width - 4.5cm

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