Handcrafted Brass Buddha Heads - Set Of 3

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Hand Crafted Brass Buddha Heads - Set Of 3

These handcrafted brass Buddha heads have been sourced from a small artisanal family business from a small village in Bali.

One day, the Buddha was roaming around. He began to ponder so he sat down under a Bodhi tree and began to meditate. He became so immersed in his mediation that he didn't notice the time. As time passed by, the sun rays were directed straight onto Buddha's bald head.
At that moment, a snail was making its way along the ground. The snail noticed that the Buddha was meditating on such a hot day. Even though he sat under the tree, the sun rays were directed straight onto the Buddha's head. The snail thought that the Buddha's head was soon going to become burnt and a distraction and it would be hard for him to meditate. Without a second thought, the snail made its way up to the Buddha's head and sat there, with his mucous body cooling the Buddha's smooth and bare skin. Other snails also followed the first one, went up to the Buddha's head and sat down there. The snails dried on the head of the buddha which is how come the Buddha is depicted as wearing a neat cap of spiral shells. It is said there were 108 snails that climbed onto the Buddha's head that day.

Large Happy Buddha - Height - 9cm, Length - 5.5cm - Width - 5cm

Medium Happy Buddha - Height - 8cm, Length - 4cm - Width - 4.5cm

Small Happy Buddha - Height - 6.5cm, Length - 3.5cm - Width - 3cm

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