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Brass Oil Lamp - 4inch

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Brass Oil Lamp - 4inch

Our brass oil lamps have been ethically sourced & traded from a small family business in the rajasthani city of Pushkar in India.

As well as being used as a source of lighting, oil lamps have been used in a ritualistic way by various religions for thousands of years.  

In Judaism an oil lamp is a symbol of light that lights the way for the wise and righteous.  In Islam the oil lamp is looked upon as being the symbol of divine light.  In Christianity it is seen as a symbol of life eternal and of Gods wisdom. In Hinduism the cotton wick is looked upon as the soul, the oil as the ego & the lamp as light, when the oil is burnt by the wick it symbolises the ego being transformed into light.

A packet of 100 cotton wicks included in the price.

Dimensions - Length - 10.5cm - Width - 10.5cm - Height - 9cm