Cushion Cover - 100% Banarasi Silk - Brown/Blue/Pink/Green - Elephants/Peacocks/Birds

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Cushion Cover - 100% Banarasi Silk - Brown/Blue/Pink/Green - Elephants/Peacocks/Birds

Our cushion covers are sourced from a small family run business from the Rajasthani city of Jaipur in India, made from 100% Banarasi silk, which is the finest quality silk originating from the Indian city of Varanasi.  This cushion cover is predominantly brown, with 2 blue elephants, 2 pink & green peacocks, & 2 blue birds in the middle. The back of the cover is plain brown.

Elephants hold a symbolic meaning in astrology, wherein, ‘elephant dreams’ are considered to have specific meanings. The actions and behaviour of these elephants in the dreams are of particular importance in interpreting what they stand for.

The charismatic nature of this being has made it an element of strong symbolism across various cultures all over the world. Asian regions like India and China have dense mythologies which are packed with rich symbolism and multi-layered depictions of various elements of nature. Elephants are found in eminent numbers across these regions, and have been a part of their civilizations for a long time. Evidently, elephants have made way into people’s conscience, and consequently, their art.

Elephants, in general, symbolize the qualities of wisdom, strength, courage, longevity, patience, honour, and stature

The peacock (mayura) is the national bird of India. It is the most auspicious animal in Hindu mysticism. Indians keep peacock feathers inside their houses, as it is believed that their feathers will bring luck and prosperity to their families and friends. Also, Hindus keep hordes of peacock feathers in and around their homes in belief that they will repel pesky insects and flies.

Dimensions - 40cm x 40cm. 

Please note: Cushion cover only, cushion not included.