Mystic Soul Incense

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Mystic Soul Incense

Mystic soul incense is sourced from a small family run business in the holy city of Pushkar in India.  The ingredients in the incense are 100% natural and sourced from all across India but mostly from the state of Gujarat and from around the city of Mysore in the state of Karnataka. The bamboo used to make the incense sticks comes from the state of Kerala.

Incense has been used in various cultures around the world for thousands of years, it can be made in many different ways to create a dizzying variety of alluring and relaxing scents. Incense can be used to create a sense of tranquillity, for meditation/spiritual practice, or simply to make your room smell nice.

The word incense comes from the Latin word incendere, which means ‘to burn’. Most incense products combine aromatic plant matter with essential oils and resins and are designed to burn at a slow and even pace, producing aromatic smoke as they do so.

Mystic Soul incense is made by hand in a traditional/authentic way.  The ingredients are first boiled to make a paste, then hand rolled onto bamboo sticks, once dried they are sprayed with essential oil before finally being covered in wooden fragrance powder. We only use the highest quality materials including resins, essential oils, honey, woods, & herbs. Each flavour is unique, and contains the mystical, natural aromas of India. 

The weight of our incense packs are 50 grams and contain between 30-45 incense sticks.  Each incense stick burns for around 40-60 minutes.