Mystic Soul Incense - Yoga & Meditation - 50g

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Mystic Soul Incense - Yoga & Meditation - 50g

Ingredients - Kapoor, sandalwood, marigold flower, ayurvedic mixed herbs.

Aroma - Mystic Soul yoga & meditation Incense are made using a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and pure essential oils, it has a refreshing and soothing scent and has the power to lift you into the realms of your dreams & caress your senses, mind, & being into a deep state of awareness & presence.

As soon as you smell the delightful scent of mystic soul meditation incense it will immediately transport you into a deep space of mindfulness, introspection, reflection, contemplation, meditation, & peace, it has the power to assist in your spiritual awakening, balance your chakras, soothe anxiety, purify, bring clarity, balance, wisdom, & induce feelings of love, compassion, & inner peace.

Mystic Soul incense is made by hand in a traditional/authentic way.  The ingredients are first boiled to make a paste, then hand rolled onto bamboo sticks, once dried they are sprayed with essential oil before finally being covered in wooden fragrance powder. We only use the highest quality materials including resins, essential oils, honey, woods, & herbs. Each flavour is unique, and contains the mystical, natural aromas of India. 

Our incense packs weigh 50 grams and contain between 30-45 incense sticks.  Each incense stick burns for around 30-45 minutes.