Double Cotton Bedspread/Wall Hanging - Black & White - Dreamcatcher

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Double Cotton Bedspread/Wall Hanging - Black & White - Dreamcatcher

These Black & White Double Cotton Bedspread/Wall Hangings are real works of art. Made in India from 100% cotton, they come in 5 different designs, each one printed by hand not mass produced by machinery.

The symbol of the Dreamcatcher or Dream Catcher originated with Native American tribes. They are typically hung above a bed.  It is believed the web inside represents the web of life and catches bad dreams and keeps them away. The feathers help cushion the good dreams as they make their way to the sleeper. The beads are the good dreams that did not make it to the sleeper. Children are given dreamcatchers at birth and carry them throughout their lives. Dreamcatchers are believed to bring happiness, harmony, and luck.

Due to its unique and handmade nature, the measurements & prints may vary a little.  

Dimensions :  Length -230cm - Width - 200cm

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