Magical Pushkar

Posted by Matthew Braham on

Mystic soul incense and some of our other products are sourced from a family run business in the holy city of Pushkar which is situated in the Ajmer district in the Indian state of Rajasthan, it is located on the shore of Pushkar Lake which features 52 bathing ghats where pilgrims go to bathe, it is a sacred pilgrimage site for both Hindus & Muslims.  Pushkar is filled with temples & gurdwaras and the town is always humming with the sound of Puja (prayers), bells, gongs, drums & devotional songs. The word Pushkar means lotus flower, which is said to be the seat of Lord Brahma, one of the Hindu holy trinity, who is worshipped as the creator of this world, although it is said that Pushkar is home to the only Brahma temple in the whole world.  Pushkar is also home to the Sadar Bazaar, a long market which runs for 1km, lined with colourful, enchanting little shops selling Rajasthani textiles, jewellery, instruments, clothing, crystals, & incense.